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Being a leader in the Online Mail Order industry for patients to Buy Weed Online In Canada, our goal is to ensure all our patients buy the highest quality marijuana products from the Islands of BC. Here at Ganjagrams, we strive to satisfy and to meet all of our patient’s needs. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we are here to bring you the highest quality shatter, flowers, liquid shatter, edibles and many more. Our Team has created a system that allows for: fast shipping; discreet packaging, and an amazing and responsive customer service team. Please for free to contact us for any concerns or any products you would like to see sold in our store! Make sure you check out what we have going on for deals and promotions. Thank you for taking your time for visiting our page.

Ganjagram’s Team

100% Protected

Encrypted accounts and e-mails to guarantee protection to all of our members when they buy weed online.

Largest Variety

We carry the largest variety and have picked out the best strains from the Islands of BC to help with your medical needs.

Best Quality Guaranteed

We work only with well known growers and companies to ensure we provide you with only the highest quality of products when you buy from Ganjagrams.


All Products Have Been Lab Tested

  • (AA+) Alien OG

    Rated 4.75 out of 5

    THC Content : 13-25%
    Type : Indica 60% | Sativa 40%
    Grade: AA+

    $25 for 3.5 grams
    $50 for 7 grams
    $90 for 14 grams
    $180 $160 for 28 grams

  • Pacific Gas Co. – Sample Pack

    $180.00 $162.00

    We compiled a neat package of Pacific Gas Co. for you to sample.

  • Wake & Bake

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $148.00 $140.60

    Are you overwhelmed by our huge selection of flowers? It’s okay, we got this! Our team has picked out a…

  • Artistic Bundle Pack

    $150.00 $142.50

    Let’s Get Crafty With The Artistic Bundle Pack! This Sativa strain bundle is sure to get your brain working towards…

  • (AA+) Fruit Loops (Smaller Buds)

    Rated 4.40 out of 5
    $180.00 $140.00

    THC Content: 15-19%
    Type: Indica 55% | Sativa 45%

    Grade: AA+
    $20 for 3.5 grams
    $40 for 7 grams
    $95 for 14 grams $80 for 14 grams
    $180 for 28 grams $140 for 28 grams

  • Cannabis Infused Capsules 20/Pack by Baked Edibles


    25mg  x 20 /Pack  for $44
    50mg  x 20 /Pack for $66
    100mg x 20 /Pack for $90
    200mg x 20/Pack for $170

  • Dreamchaser Bundle Pack

    $143.00 $135.85

    Are you overwhelmed by our huge selection of flowers? It’s okay, we got this! Our team has picked out a…

  • Jelly Bomb Bundle Pack

    $52.00 $48.50


    Comes with one of each kind of Jelly Bombs!

    Made By Twisted Extracts

  • (AAA) Mango Haze

    Rated 4.92 out of 5

    THC Content: 17-24%
    Type: Sativa 60% | Indica 40%

    Grade: AA+
    $25 for 3.5 grams
    $50 for 7 grams
    $95 for 14 grams
    $190 $155 for 28 grams

  • Shatter Bundle Pack

    $170.00 $160.50

    Add some colour into your life! Taste the rainbow with our Shatter Bundle Pack. Who knows, you might even find…

  • Insomnia Bundle Pack

    $140.00 $133.00

    Can’t Sleep? The Insomnia Bundle Pack is the perfect package to give you the best sleep of your life.  

  • Beginner’s Edible Bundle

    $68.50 $65.08

    We’ve put together some of our favourite low dosage THC edibles for anyone that’s looking for an alternative way to get medicated!

  • Mile High Bundle Pack

    $145.00 $137.75

    Can’t decide between our collection of strains? No problem, we’ve made it easy with our Mile High Bundle Pack. It…

  • Concentrate Bundle Pack

    $145.00 $133.00

    Concentrate Bundle Pack, Want to take it to the next level? Check out our Concentrate Bundle Pack. It’s guarantee to keep…

  • Brainstorm Bundle Pack

    $153.00 $145.35

    Are you having difficulties thinking up new ideas and need some encouragement? Say no more, we got the perfect brainstorm,…

Read What Our Patients Have To Say



“Second time buying from them and nothing to complain at all!! My preferred online dispenser. Also the fact that there’s no minimum purchase requirements, you always finish to order more than expected. Here’s a note to all online retailers, minimum purchase requirement makes customers go away!”

Drink and


“These folks are great, wonderful selection, great promos, fast delivery…I ordered Thursday, received Monday. And the bud, I can’t put into words how good it is….the bud might actually have something to do with that. You will not be disappointed.”



“These guys are great! I ordered the Mango Haze and it’s soooo yummy! Death Bubba and Black Widow Shatter are amazing to vape!!!! All the freebies and deals are overwhelming and I LOVE IT!!! I will be using these guys as my regular from now on. Zing!”

when you can


“Bud came in a very discrete package and was vacuum sealed. Package also arrived very quickly without trouble. I also had a problem with my ordered and messaged ganjagrams and they replied almost instantly. Would recommend if someone is looking to purchase quality bud anonymously.”

Smoke and


“Delivery is quick and outstanding – The strains offered on the site are premium grade and are offered at affordable prices – Customer appreciation is amazing (you get a goody bag on your first order – free) – They do whatever they can to ensure your satisfaction (fast response to shipping problems, etc)”



“As a first time MOM user, GanjaGrams has set a high bar of excellence. There were no issues with the webstore, payment processing was hiccup-free, and customer service was prompt, friendly, and helpful. Shipment was made promptly (next business day), and delivery was quick through Xpresspost (2 days). Products are worth the price, and the included welcome package is a a great extra bonus. I will be returning to GanjaGrams in the future!”

Pay By Points

You can collect reward points when you buy from Ganjagrams. Every $1 you spend gives you 5 points. Click on the rewards badge to the left to start earning points now!

Secure Package

If your package is lost or stolen, contact us immediately and we will replace and ship your order the next day guaranteed.

Best Online Mail Order Dispensary

We guarantee the best prices across Canada. We ensure our members are getting the best quality products at the fairest price!

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