(AAA) Black Diamond

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THC Content : 20-24%
Type : Indica 70%

Black Diamond  pricing is as follows:

  • $140 for 28 grams (1 Ounce)
  • $380 for 84 grams – (3 Ounce)

taste: berry, grape, herbal, pine

effects: euphoric, giggly, happy, munchies

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Black Diamond is a Northern California strain ideal for patients who need strong medication but still want to be active and sociable. A cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, its flowers have a glittery trichome covering and purple colouring that make it a beautiful gem to look at. The strain’s aroma is musky and earthy, almost like a deep red wine.

Black Diamond is known to cause fits of giggles and is a great strain for hanging out with friends or catching up on TV shows at home. This strain tends to make consumers extremely hungry, making it a good choice for those looking to increase their appetite (just make sure you have some snacks on hand).

Flavours: earthy, berry, woody

Medical Use: Stress, depression, pain, inflammation, lack of appetite

15 reviews for (AAA) Black Diamond

  1. Theholybail (verified owner)

    This bud was a perfect after work strain that allowed you to relax and still be socialable.
    Price point is on point for this strain and would definitely order again.

  2. poolpro (verified owner)

    awesome smoke for the buck! Very relaxing long high and great body stone great for pain! wish i had ordered more than one ounce only!

    • GanjaGrams Team

      Awesome, glad you liked it! 🙂

  3. highcroft (verified owner)

    Incredible smell that fills the room just by opening the bag. This strain tastes great with a very smooth blackberry taste and a powerful high that makes you want to chill. Excellent for anyone who can’t sleep.

    • GanjaGrams Team

      Thanks for the great review! Glad you liked it and hope you order again soon 🙂

  4. pascal (verified owner)

    great taste, great high, great deal, no complaints

    • GanjaGrams Team

      Awesome! 🙂 Hope you order again soon

  5. poolpro (verified owner)

    ordered again cant wait !

    • GanjaGrams Team

      Thanks for your repeat business 🙂

  6. Sina Edalatmand (verified owner)

    Rich in smell and taste, just increadible….

    • GanjaGrams Team

      Thanks for the great review 🙂

  7. polarexpress (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke for the price.

    • GanjaGrams Team

      Thank you, happy to be of service 🙂

  8. Bob M. (verified owner)

    This strain has been my favorite so far. Absolutely perfect for relaxing after a long day at the office. Takes the edge off and has a wonderful aroma that fills the room as soon as you open the bag. Great value for the money.

  9. James Woodland (verified owner)

    Always a reliable choice! Love the smell and taste, burns well, and is quite potent! One of my favorites especially for the price range.

  10. Jeremy1982 (verified owner)

    Very nice size buds. Burnt very nice and clean. High was relaxing and munchies. Was still able to function during the day on this strain.

  11. RKHOE (verified owner)

    needed a bit more i feel to get that feeling you feel but amazing body high probly order again

  12. Greenmama (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain and the price makes it even better!

  13. JGC76

    Good strain that features ultra-dense, pale-dark green buds and a distinct aroma.
    I enjoyed my short time smoking this strain, and, although I only sampled the 3.5g I received FOR FREE with my
    first order, I would purchase this strain in the future, especially considering the nice price. Thank you, GanjaGrams!

    With love,

  14. Deathsrealm (verified owner)

    Good weed and a good price.
    4 star on the bud
    N 4 star on value.

    Solid well rounded 4 star rating.

  15. Jrabthearab (verified owner)

    With Ganja Grams I tend to get exactly what I ordered or better everytime which I really appreciate. That is the main reason I use GG instead of other online sources or local sources but the prices are also much better for this grade of product. You could pay $110 more an ounce for this quality easy, just depends on what the seller can convince you of. Ganja Grams however, are making what they need to make and nothing more. They truly aren’t gouging their customers which Is great. This Black Diamond is awesome! Some of the buds, like I always find with GG’s AAA’s, seem to be more like AAAA. 140$ an ounce for stuff like this is a great deal! The buds are dense and cured properly. They’ve all got a nice layer of trichomes on them with some being caked. The nose is classic black diamond and the taste is clean. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again GG!

    • Ganjagrams Staff

      Wow! Thank you for your kind words. Love you!

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