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Laughing Buddha Budder pricing is as follows:

  • $25 for 1 gram
  • $70 for 3 grams = $23.33 per gram
  • $160 for 7 grams = $22.85 per gram
  • $300 for 14 grams = $21.42 per gram
  • $550 for 28 grams = $19.64 per gram

taste: citrus, herbal, lemon, sweet

effects: creative, energizing, giggly

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Laughing Buddha is a 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning sativa dominant strain, which is primarily a cross between Jamaican and Thai weed strains. Not only is it an award winning strain, but it is quite different from various other strains you may have already come across before. With THC content around 18%, it has a fruity and sweet smell with hints of spice. The smell is quite noticeable but is equally strong and fresh. However, you have to keep in mind that the nuggets are quite hard. The nuggets are dark green and brownish in color with a thick coating of crystals. As for the taste, it is potent and intense that will leave a roasted pepper aftertaste in your mouth. After smoking Laughing Buddha, you will come to realize it is something out of this world. A strong baked feeling will set in a matter of minutes even though you will not feel sleepy at all. You will be able to stick to whatever you are doing without getting distracted. You will notice an increase in focus and concentration that can help you be more productive at whatever you may be doing at that time. Additionally, it is equally beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia, depression, glaucoma, migraines and nausea.


1 Gram, 3 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

2 reviews for Laughing Buddha Budder

  1. roget907 (verified owner)

    I bought this one a couple of times and it a great sativa product,, i feel like I can take this any time of they day without feeling sleepiness after a while.

  2. AlForts (verified owner)

    I find they got one thing right in this description. A strong baked feeling will set in a matter of minutes. gives you a great high, does not motivate me at all just really tired all the time. I find it good for beffore bed time. If your looking for an uper creative kinda fealing I’d go with a pineapple express or perhaps White widow, but there are various widows so have a look out. but all in all this is a great product and the scales are right on the dot not a point more or less. got it on the third business in Ontario.

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