Greasy Pink Sauce by High Voltage Extracts

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Terps & THC: Derived from live fresh plants, purged low and slow.

taste: lemon, sweet, vanilla

effects: creative, giggly, happy

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Greasy Pink is an indica dominant strain with an amazing 20% THC content. With an 80:20 indica/dominant strain, it is incredibly potent and effective to medicate with. Even though little is known about the strain and its genetics, one thing is for certain it is every cannabis users dream strain. The strain is extremely rare to come across. In fact, it has made quite a few appearances to the general public in recent years. The taste and aroma is a blend of sweet ginger and diesel fuel, which indicates is genetics belong to the ‘Fuel family’. The high is exceptionally good and strong to say the least. You will feel the high start from your head and make its ways through the rest of your body in no time. Even the most experienced of cannabis users will find the strain to be overwhelming. Any individual who has medicated with Greasy Pink will tell you that the high originates from the back of the eyes. Rest assured you will still be in control and will feel creative, talkative and happy. On the other hand, Greasy Pink is renowned for being used to treat medical conditions like insomnia, anxiety, anorexia, muscle spasms and even chronic pains and aches.

3 reviews for Greasy Pink Sauce by High Voltage Extracts

  1. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    It’s real name is bubba pink kush and another top grade product I give it a 9.6 out 10 for burning quality and very powerful medicine for sleep and pain and those who need it for adhd or add and has very powerful relaxing properties and calming to it and I have to say 20 out 20 overall on both medicine and smoking quality. Very powerful hitter it hits you behind the eyes and creeps up and bam your sleeping or relaxing for the day better for night use has more of the same properties of m.k ultra where it’s a natural sleep aid. Cheers

  2. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    And top quality on texture and color nice golden yellow with touch of amber again 20 out 20 for the product.

  3. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    I give same review as before and the name is pink bubba kush I made a mistake.

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