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Pink Starburst Diamond

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Pink Starburst pricing is as follows:

  • $70 for 1 gram

taste: earthy, lemon, pine

effects: creative, euphoric, uplifting

Only 3 left in stock

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Diamond’s also known as THCa Crystalline was developed as a means of delivering large, quantifiable doses of THCa and is known as the purest isolate anywhere on the market testing at 99-100%. These ultra-processed little gems can range from small grains to gravel-sized pieces, and they’re definitely for experienced smokers only!

Strain Description:

Pink Starburst marijuana strain is an ultra-potent, well balanced Indica-Sativa marijuana hybrid. Beginners should stay away or be very careful with the dose to avoid cerebral over-stimulation. On the inhale, Pink Starburst cannabis strain has distinctly floral flavor, revealing its candy-like sweetness on the exhale. This herb is good for morning and day time medicinal and recreational use.


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