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Premium Distillate Cartridge 0.5ML KLAR by Science Lab

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$50 for 0.5g Cartridge

Directions: Remove the vaporizer cartridge from it’s packaging. Place the cartridge into a suitable 510 thread battery. Press and hold the button to the battery and slowly begin to inhale. Stop holding button after 3-10 seconds and exhale the vapor.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. This product may cause drowsiness. Use care when operating a car or heavy machinery.


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Another quality product is introduced to the cannabis market by the team at ScienceLab, KLAR, and Canada Concentrates. These unique Distillate Cartridge contain our premium refined THC distillate that is then infused with our own blend of cannabis and plant derived terpenes. Small batch, lab tested, no leaks, 510 thread, with adjustable airflow. The cartridges are simple to use, with detailed instructions on the back. Finally a quality cartridge, at a reduced cost. One of the cleanest ways to intake THC without having to intake the carbon from smoking a joint. This convenient way can be used discretely without leaving a smell behind.



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