Purple Space Cookies Honey Comb

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Purple Space Cookies Honey Comb pricing is as follows:

  • $35 for 1 gram
  • $105 $100 for 3 grams = $33.33 per gram
  • $245 $225 for 7 grams = $32.14 per gram
  • $490 $440 for 14 grams = $31.42 per gram
  • $980 $800 for 28 grams = $28.57 per gram (Best Value!)

flavours: sweet, grape, pungent
effects: relaxed, happy, euphoric, munchies

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Honeycomb Budder

Honeycomb Budder is derived from premium AAA+ strains and only extracted using medical-grade butane, top-notch closed-loop extraction systems and state-of-the-art Across International vacuum purging ovens. Our Honeycomb Budder comes in a wide array of rare and enticing strains. Each order comes with one gram (1g) of our premium Honeycomb Budder.

What is Budder

Extremely potent concentrates are a result of the cannabis industry growing quicker than ever. With such high-tech advances within the extraction business, newer forms of concentrated THC are quickly emerging and making a name for themselves. While many concentrates may vary in consistency, colour and other factors and seem far-fetched to some, budder is a concentrate that is familiar to most cannabis users. Budder is a solvent-based THC concentrate, or more specifically, another form of Butane Hash Oil or BHO for short. While it may differ from shatter (another form of BHO) in appearance or consistency, budder is essentially made through the exact same process as shatter. The differences between budder and shatter and their consistencies may lie in other elements or factors such as: strain, extraction methods, solvents used and one of the most important, the purging method.

How to Smoke Budder

The options for taking in budder are endless. It is most convenient and worthwhile to sprinkle or “crown” a little bit of kief into your bong or pipe bowls, or to mix it in with your joints, and then kick back and relax! More experienced smokers, or those who are familiar with THC concentrates may prefer “dabbing” which is a method that is most ideal or efficient for medicating.


1 Gram, 3 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

3 reviews for Purple Space Cookies Honey Comb

  1. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    I give a five star rating with a beautiful honey amber color bit darker then the picture shows but very compact structure much easier to dab then budder. Very clean product when dabbing no butane residue or any plant residue after smoking . beautiful diesel smell with lemon tang to it. Luv how the honeycomb structure is very dense easy to pull apart but stay together master workmanship.

  2. tiffany_sullivan (verified owner)

    I believe it has more sativa but theres enough indicia to both mellow you out and calms you down but still allows you to function perfect for anxiety and ADHD and add. Perfect for pain and aches.

  3. steffen werner

    What a great product just alone the taste and smell is amazing the high is even better

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