Rechargeable Vape Pen Battery

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Length for the battery is 90.5mm while the diameter 10.5mm
Power of the battery is 350mah

Simply inhale the pen to start vaping.

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Rechargeable Vape Pen Battery,

Rechargeable Vape Pen Battery is a compact yet powerful 350mAh vape battery that’s compatible with most oil cartridges. Rechargeable Battery is super compact, perfect for your pocket and easy to conceal in your hand. Conveniently, the 350mAh Variable Voltage Battery comes with a USB charger so you can charge from nearly anywhere. Expect excellent vapor production, portability, and convenience!


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15 reviews for Rechargeable Vape Pen Battery

  1. Sandra (verified owner)

    Convienant and small enough to store.

  2. calvino

    Does it fit XO extracts pen ?

    • Ganjagrams Staff

      Yes! This one is perfectly compatible with the XO Cartridges.

  3. Trusthejoker911 (verified owner)

    i’ve bought a lot of those (losing them) and the new version is defenitly the best! nice design but maybe you should change the picture on your website because it does not look the same as the one that i got.

  4. Jean Francois Houle (verified owner)

    Excellent in size and efficiency just awsome!

  5. Hozer87

    Does this work with all of the cartidges you sell?

    • Ganjagrams Staff

      Yes! It works with the Zen Tanks and XO Cartridges.

  6. mdtang (verified owner)

    Exactly as pictured, just wondering how long until a full charge?

    • Ganjagrams Staff

      About an hour and you should be fully charged!

  7. Grammie (verified owner)

    Love the size and that it only takes an hour to charge.

  8. Peiskos28 (verified owner)

    Bought it as a gift for my in-laws. They absolutely love it, very convenient, easy to use, fits with most cartridges and small enough to fit in a wallet !

  9. Ayylmao69 (verified owner)

    Love this thing! The convenience and smoothness factors of the cartridges more than make up for the longevity lacking for me.

  10. Grace (verified owner)

    How long does the battery last if it’s fully charged?

    • Ganjagrams Staff

      It’ll last you a good whole day!

  11. hatefulspark (verified owner)

    decent pricing. easy to use. ready to go. hits great.

  12. chris (verified owner)

    I love this little pen. You can take it anywhere and use it just about anywhere. Best thing since sliced bread.

  13. Dryden Stroud (verified owner)

    An awesome battery for carts! Lasts as long as you need, takes 2 seconds to charge and is a great price!

  14. Dryden Stroud (verified owner)

    Great price, cheap, and fits all 510 thread carts. Great product if you want to get into vaping

  15. Leah Labossiere (verified owner)

    My new little toy👍 mamma likes!

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