Tetra THC Tincture (500mg THC)

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THC Tincture (30ml – 500mg THC)

Tetra Technologies 30ml @ 500mg THC Tinctures are an age-old method of delivering the medicinal benefits of marijuana to patients of all ages.  Tetra Technoliges Tinctures are a liquid concentration of cannabis, where the THC and cannabinoids are leached out and dispersed into MCT Oil.

  • All Tetra Products are tested by 3rd party labs
  • Fast-acting alternative for discrete use.
  • Controlled dosing.

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* Just a few drops of this concentrated serum under your tongue, and within a few minutes, you’ll be feeling the effects.

*Tincture dosages are easy to self- measure.

*Start with 1mL of your finished tincture and put it under your tongue.

* If you’re happy with the effects, you’re done. Otherwise, try 2mL Tinctures are usually taken by putting a few drops under your tongue.

*Swallow the tincture in a drink or food.

*Expect to feel the effects in 15-45 minutes and reach your peak high at about 90 minutes.

*If you drink the dose, expect a slower onset.

*Expect to be high longer than when you smoke.




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